Frequently Asked Questions

What's a beaded dog collar?
ūüíéAll Hypnotic Dog beads are fed through aircraft grade steel wire and securely crimped¬†on each end,¬†so the collars can withstand ~320 lbs of breaking strength. Our 'pearl' necklace collars aren't going anywhere.

Do you ship internationally?¬†ūüĆć
Yes, international shipping is available for selection at checkout.

How do I measure for these collars?
Please view the Size Guide for directions. If you don't have a soft flexible measuring tape, we recommend using a piece of string (or cable--anything flexible and bendy), and then laying it next to a ruler. Please don't guess head measurements if selecting a slip-on or martingale style collar, it may not slide over your pup's head! 

When will my order ship?
Please review our Shipping Policy.

What's your exchange/return policy?
Please review our Exchange/Return Policy. 

Why don't my collars ship out immediately?
Hypnotic Dog collars are handcrafted and made-to-order specific to your animal's measurements. Additionally, our wooden beads are painted in-house for quality and customizability. Although we have a very quick turnaround in comparison to other vendors, please know we are constantly working to make the process more efficient, while still producing quality products. Please keep an eye on the banner at the top of the website for updated shipping times during busy seasons or after sales. In general, your collar(s) should ship within 1 week unless otherwise noted. 

Are the collars comfortable?

Each collar is tightly strung so that the beads provide a massaging action. 

Do you make collars for small dogs?
Yes! All wooden bead collars can be made in "Mini" sized beads. Go to Bead Size > Small Mini Beads. We typically recommend them for measurements 14" and below, but if you prefer the oversized look, feel free to go up on bead size.

Can I hang tags on these collars?
Absolutely! Hang tags, IDs, etc. from any of our 3 options of collars.

Can I walk my dogs in these collars?
Yes. We recommend our martingale chain and buckle style collars for walking your dog. Our slip-on collars are just as durable, but because of the "slip-on" nature, we don't suggest it for the possibility of it sliding off of your pup's head during a walk. This depends on your dog. Feel free to message us with any further questions or if you need help deciding. 

Are these good for long-haired dogs?
Although tightly strung, these collars are best suited for short-haired and medium-haired dog breeds. That being said, we have had several customers that choose to size up and/or opt for the buckle style for their long-haired pups for ease of removal. 

My dog has allergies, are your collars a good option?
Many customers have happily informed us that their dogs that are irritated by certain fabric collars have not had issues with our beaded collars! We're not sure why, but it may be because our collars are smooth, light, and the massaging action of the beads does not cause much friction.

Are the beads heavy? 
The wooden/acrylic beads are our lightest options, with a single strand Regular Sized beads usually totaling ~3oz or less. Ceramic and semi-precious stone beads will vary depending on which bead and the length of your pup's collar, but are typically no more than ~6-7oz. 

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