Aqua Frost Bead Collar
Aqua Frost Bead Collar
Aqua Frost Bead Collar
Aqua Frost Bead Collar

Aqua Frost Bead Collar

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Aqua Frost Bead Collar  Smooth, lightweight aqua pearl beads, teal silicone metallic beads, white metallic glitter silicone beads, and aqua resin rhinestone sparkle beads. 🩵

Note: *The pearl finish on the pearl beads will wear down over time to the color underneath. Pearl style beads are best suited for dogs that do not scratch their collars on any sort of hard surface often for optimal color retention!


Virtually unbreakable collars. Hypnotic Dog collars are crimped securely twice; all beads fed through aircraft grade steel wire (with a tensile strength of ~320lbs). Choose from 3 options: slip-on, martingale chain, & buckle style collars. 


Click here to view the sizing guide. Please confirm sizing prior to ordering! Head measurement is needed for slip-on collar and martingale style collars, so that it can properly slide over their head. Neck measurement is needed for only the buckle style option.



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