Test Blue Rain Acrylic Bead Collar

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↠ Test Blue Rain Acrylic Bead Collar  Regular sized shiny light pink rosy beads. These reflective, high quality and durable plated beads are waterproof and easy to clean for the most adventurous pups!


Virtually unbreakable collars. Hypnotic Dog collars are crimped securely twice; all beads fed through aircraft grade steel wire (with a tensile strength of ~320lbs). These durable collars should last you + your pup a lifetime. Choose from 3 options: slip-on, martingale chain, & buckle style collars. 


Click here to view the sizing guide. Please confirm sizing prior to ordering! Head measurement is needed for slip-on collar and martingale style collars, so that it can properly slide over their head. Neck measurement is needed for only the buckle style option.