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We wouldn’t be here without some AMAZING dogs + their parents sharing our collars! Anyone else obsessed with Miss Peaches?! 😆 Whether the sharing is happening in person, walking your dog down the street wearing our jewels, taking them to the vet, just hanging out with friends, etc., this means everything to our small business.

Online, we have the cutest dogs (and cats) wearing Hypnotic Dog beaded collars and we're so thankful for the internet presence 💗.

It usually goes something like, “Is that dog wearing pearls? 🥹” --> “Wait you can walk a dog on those bead collars? 🤯” or “Where does everyone get those beaded collars for their pits?!” and we’re so honored when its a Hypnotic Dog beaded collar! We’ve been doing this since 2018 and we have the absolute best customers and dogs out there. There’s so much content sometimes it’s hard for us to even keep up! We appreciate every single one of you guys.

If you’re here because you googled, “Who makes the pearl collar Miss Peaches is wearing?” you found us! Queen Peaches is wearing our Chunky White Pearls with the metal buckle/biothane option (suitable for walking!) That style and all the rest are available on www.hypnoticdog.co ✨

Here’s some other popular pups you may have seen our collars on Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok that we adore and wouldn’t be here without the support of 😍 It’s so awesome when we get to see our small business/actually handmade by us product in a viral video! [this list is definitely not exhaustive!]
@soothingsista Stephanie Villa on Youtube
@demiandtom on their sweet dog, Kona!
...& many more! 😄