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Every sale supports animal rescue! Please note these collars are not adjustable and are made-to-order, so following the SIZE GUIDE is the most important step!

The Bones

All Hypnotic Dog beads are fed through aircraft grade steel wire and securely crimped on each end, so the collars can withstand ~380 lbs of breaking strength. Our 'pearl' necklace collars aren't going anywhere.

The Beads

Handcrafted, made-to-order, unique beaded collars. Available in hand-painted wooden beads* (painted in-house at Hypnotic Dog), premium ceramic beads, and deluxe semi-precious gemstone beads.

Collar Comparisons

Slip On (O-Ring) | Slideshow
  • Most popular style
  • Hang ID/tags
  • Suitable for loose leash walking pets due to slip-on nature
  • O-rings available in black, rose gold, rainbow chrome
Martingale Chain | Slideshow
  • Recommended for walking
  • Hang ID/tags
  • Attach leash to welded o-ring, loop tightens and prevents pet from slipping out
  • Martingale chains available in silver, black, rose gold, rainbow chrome
Metal Side Release Buckles
  • Recommended for walking
  • Hang ID/tags
  • Side-release buckles snap on and off with ease
  • Recommended for medium-haired pet for ease of removal
  • Buckle available in silver, rose gold, rainbow chrome with either white or brown biothane*
*Biothane is the material used to secure the buckle in place. It is a stink proof, waterproof, durable poly that is easy to clean.
*Please select the neck measurement as measured. We accommodate for the size of the beads and attachments on our end
Plastic Side Release Buckle
  • Hang ID/tags
  • Allows for more beads on the collar, great for styling your pet
  • Not recommended for walking
  • Select for a more snug fit around the neck, when Slip On/Martingale is not desired
  • Plastic side release buckles snap on and off with ease
  • Strongly recommended for small dog breeds that have small mouths and shorter necks for a more snug fit around the neck for safety
  • Recommended for medium-haired pets for ease of removal
Plastic Breakaway Buckle
  • Recommended for cats
  • Hang ID/tags
  • Plastic breakaway buckles secure into place around the neck
  • If collar catches on anything, twisting or pulling will allow the buckle to break free for your cat’s safety
  • Cannot be used for walking

The Accessory For You

Want to match with your pup? Add a matching keychain & bracelet to your order!
Accessory only available in selected collections.