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Frequently Asked Questions

What's a beaded dog collar?

💎All Hypnotic Dog beads are fed through aircraft grade steel wire and securely crimped on each end. Our 'pearl' necklace collars aren't going anywhere.💡Did you know? HD collars are approved Fi-makers, meaning our collars have successfully undergone 500lb pull tests!

Do you make collars for small dogs and cats?
Yes! We have a separate section for small dogs and cats with “Mini" and “XS” small sized beads, recommended for pets with 14.5" or below measurements. XS beads are the smallest option we have. View the new Small Dog and Cat Section! Please note, we strongly recommend dogs with 10" head and below go with the buckle style collar for a more snug fit for safety reasons.

Do you ship internationally? 🌍
Yes, international shipping is available for selection at checkout. We are based in Southern California. It is the customer's responsibility to be aware of their country's imports and duty responsibilities. For many countries such as the UK, the customer is asked to pay additional duties and taxes before the shipment is delivered per their country's import policies.

Which style collar should I get?
This depends mostly on your aesthetic preference, and your type of dog! Send us an email with any specific questions. Collars should always be worn under supervision, just as with any style of pet collar. A few important things to consider: Flea and Tick Meds: Topical flea and tick meds interact with our sealed wooden beads and acrylic bead coatings, we do not recommend wooden or acrylic bead styles for those who use topical flea/tick meds. We have not had any reported issues with ceramic/semiprecious gem beads and topical flea/tick medication. Martingale chains: Never heard of these? Read about the martingale chain style here; these are our favorite for walking our pups daily! Please note: with daily wear, all martingale chain styles may show discoloration on light-colored fur. While our martingale chains are water-resistant, we do not recommend for use in daily water wear and recommend removing prior to bathing. Beads: Beads: Our ceramic, resin, and semiprecious bead selections are our most durable options due to material hardness. We do our best to update product descriptions with things that may need to be considered for specific bead styles. For example, ‘pearl’ style collars are most likely to wear down quickest and fade to the color underneath. Colored ‘pearl’ style collars may have dye transference for white pups. If you have a dog with white fur, our wooden sealed, bubblegum style acrylic, jelly style acrylic, plated acrylic (i.e. Lavender rain), resin rhinestone, ceramic, & resin beads have not had any reported issues with collars getting wet and possible dye transference (minimal, but still good to note!). Many collars mix materials and bead types; if you have any questions on specific collars and what we'd suggest for your pet bead material wise, please don't hesitate to message us!

How do I measure for these collars?
Please view the Size Guide for directions. Soft & flexible measuring tapes are available at any craft store or big-box store, or printable options are available online. Please do not use a hard measuring tape, or guess your dog's head measurements, it may not slide over your pup's head! Message us with any questions regarding the sizing process! 

When will my order ship?
Production time is usually between 2-3.5 weeks, and may be extended during collection releases/sales. You will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking number included once it has been shipped. 

Are these really handmade?
They are! We are a small husband-wife business who hand-make every single order that comes in to the custom bead style, collar style, and sizing selected right here in Southern California (where we also ship from!) 🌴 We thank our customers for choosing to shop small and supporting us since we opened in 2018. ✨

What's your exchange/return policy?
Exchange/Return Policy. As these are hand-crafted, made-to-order to the customer's given measurements, all sales are final. Please ensure you have measured correctly prior to purchase and message with any questions prior to purchase! If there are any defects or problems with your order however, please reach out to us as soon as possible. 

Why don't my collars ship out immediately?
Hypnotic Dog collars are handcrafted and made-to-order specific to your animal's measurements. Additionally, our wooden beads are painted in-house for quality and customizability. Although we have a very quick turnaround in comparison to other vendors, please know we are constantly working to make the process more efficient, while still producing quality products. Please keep an eye on the banner at the top of the website for updated shipping times during busy seasons or after sales; your order confirmation email will also have the accurate production time listed. 

Are the collars comfortable/good for dogs with allergies?

Each collar is tightly strung so that the beads provide a massaging action on your pet's neck. We have several customers who choose these style of collars as they are light, smooth, offer lack of friction, and therefore do not cause the same irritation fabric collars do for their pets. 

Can my dogs wear these all day?

As you know your pet best, this will depend on your pet’s lifestyle. Similar to flat style collars (fabric, biothane, etc.), for safety we recommend always taking off collars during play, when crated, and whenever your pet may be unsupervised. For cats, breakaway buckle collar style is always recommended. Please also ensure you have measured your pet as outlined in the size guide and do not guess, to ensure a proper and safe fit.

How do I clean these collars?

We recommend using gentle hand soap and cold water and a soft microfiber towel to clean your collars. 

Can I hang tags on these collars?
Absolutely! Hang tags, IDs, etc. from any of our 3 options of collars. 

Can I walk my dogs in these collars?
Yes. We recommend our martingale chain and buckle style collars for walking your dog. Our slip-on collars are just as durable, but because of the "slip-on" nature, we don't suggest it for the possibility of it sliding off of your pup's head during a walk. This depends on your dog. If concerned about significant pulling strength for 100lb+ dogs, double and triple strands are suggested. Feel free to message us with any further questions or if you need help deciding. 

Are these good for long-haired dogs?
Although tightly strung, these collars are best suited for short-haired dog breeds. That being said, we have had several customers that choose to size up and opt for the buckle style for their long-haired pups for ease of removal. Please see our “Fluffy Dogs” Instagram Story Highlight for images of customers with longer-haired dogs and how they may show up! @hypnoticdogco

Do you recommend these collars for puppies?
As our collars are not adjustable we do not recommend buying a collar until your dog is close to full grown. Dogs grow so fast, and we’d rather you have the ability to use our collar for a long long time!

What are the weight differences of the beads?
The wooden/acrylic/resin beads are our lightest options. Semi-precious beads are slightly heavier, and ceramic (porcelain) beads will vary depending on which bead size is selected and the length of your pup's collar.  Feel free to message us with any further questions or if you need help deciding!

Can I get a matching keychain and/or bracelet to match my dog?
Yes! For most collar styles (generally all excluding limited edition styles and clearance styles) the Matching Option should be available as a dropdown selection on the specific collar’s page. If you don’t see the option and want either, feel free to leave a note at time of checking out OR send us an email - if we can accommodate it and there is stock, we’re happy to and will send the remaining invoice.

Bracelets are one-size-fits all on stretchy elastic, and keychains are strung on a rose gold colored lobster clasp keychain.

I got an email saying I have points. How do I redeem them?!
1. Click Rewards Button (Bottom right-hand of our website)
2. Click "Ways to Redeem"
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4. Slide the dot on the scale fow how many points you would like
to use. Click the "REDEEM" button. *IMPORTANT* copy and paste the code at checkout to apply. 

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We do our best to respond to all valid inquiries in 24-48 hours during business hours (M-F).