Rescue & Shelter Partners ūüźĺ

We would be¬†so excited to send¬†every single humane society, shelter, and rescue physical collars and leashes but please remember, we are a small business that handmake¬†every single¬†collar¬†and leash we make, so we simply cannot guarantee it for¬†the numerous requests that we receive.¬†We are so grateful for the patience and kindness and subsequent adorable pictures we receive from donations given in the past! Thank you to¬†everyone¬†who works and volunteers in this incredibly difficult¬†field and are a voice for those who don't have one¬†ūüíó¬†We love that our products help make pups look more approachable and we hope that translates to every pup (or cat) that wears a Hypnotic Dog collar¬†ūüėć that needs a home. Cue the, "awww that dogs wearing pearls!!" comments :)

Here are some cuties and please consider adopting!!!

Some shelters, humane societies, rescues we've donated (monetarily, physical collars, vouchers) to include (not an exhaustive list): 

I Stand With My Pack, Knine Rescue Inc, Nashville  Humane, Utah Humane, One Love, Frosted Faces Foundation, Prairie Paws Adoption Center, MCACC Shelter,  Lynchburg Humane Society, Creature Comfort Pet Therapy, Ozzie Albies foundation, Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Brick City Rescue, LARPBO, Socal Pitbull Rescue, Code Red K9, IPittytheBull, LovaBull ATX. 

If you'd like to be part of this list, for auction or fundraiser voucher requests, please send us an email on our website contact form. Please note we cannot guarantee every event, and it may be based on other factors such as how many open vouchers are currently out for that time frame and what our production capability is at any given time. 

Kindly ensure to note your rescue or shelter's name, date of the event, name of the event, and please email (when possible) from an official affiliated email address. For physical collar donations when available, the address must be to the shelter/humane society or rescue's official mailing address and not a private residence.