Why Do Dogs Wear Beaded Collars?

Why do dogs (and cats) wear beaded collars? We love this question. We're passionate about beaded collars here. At our small business here at Hypnotic Dog Co, we've been making beaded collars for thousands of customers since 2018!

  • STYLE! ✨ Objectively, a dog or cat wearing a necklace is adorable. We love that for your pet. With bead collars, the options are endless! You get to put your favorite colors, sports team colors, and seasonal themes on them. We do seasonal and holiday releases to keep them looking fresh. 😎
  • FUNCTION. Our collars are fully functional, meaning they're strong enough to be used with a leash. They are not stretchy elastic that will easily break. Hypnotic Dog collars are securely crimped and have passed 500lb pull tests to become Fi makers! We recommend metal side-release buckles and martingale chain styles for walking. Our different collar styles are photographed and detailed here on our Product Info page. 
  • AVOIDING IRRITATION. Have issues with flat collars causing chafing? If your pet has had issues with flat collars causing irritation or wearing away at the fur on your pet's neck, beaded collars may be your answer. We get positive feedback all the time (especially from pittie owners whose dogs have sensitive skin) that hair has grown back and their dogs' necks are no longer bothered after wearing our collars! Owners also report dogs *not* scratching at our beaded collars vs flat collars.
  • CHANGING STEREOTYPES. People will give your dog more attention when wearing their pearls - we can almost guarantee it! Especially for our bully breed friends, beaded collars instantly soften your dogs' appearance so others can see your pup's true & sweet personality. They're a great conversation starter and people will smile more at your pet. 😊
  • THEY'RE EASY TO CLEAN & ODOR PROOF. Give your collars a quick wipe down with a soft towel and water (and gentle soap if needed!). The beads don't retain odors and smells the way that fabric can. 



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