Collection: FLAT PRICE/LAST CHANCE - Memorial Day 2022 Sale

Our 2022 Memorial Day sale starts now! 


Custom collar options for last chance bead styles! We've cleared out extra stock, beads we no longer use, beads we never launched, etc. for last chance clearout pricing. We want to get rid of these styles completely and prices are lowered accordingly! No tiered pricing based on size for this collection only; the price you see is the final collar price unless Martingale Chains are added.

Please read the title and descriptions carefully. If there are expected scuffs, imperfections, etc., the description will note it. If there are only X amount of beads left and we can only do a certain size or smaller, we will list it in the title and description. 

These collars are not pre-made and will fall into our standard production time. 🟧


Please note, due to the nature of this sale and discounted prices, everything is final sale. No exchanges/returns will be accommodated.