Collection: Mystery Surprise Collars

Sometimes when a popular collar pattern sells out, we have most of the beads remaining and it's just missing 1-2 colors. It doesn't always make sense for us to rework every pattern minus a few beads so this allows us to mix and match between patterns and create custom & fun one-off color combos with our signature style! 💖

Diamond Tier Silver Tier
First priority for color preferences Great intro collar to Hypnotic Dog collars!
Premium glam styles at a steal of a price Simple, basic designs that may include solid 1-color patterns
Pick and choose your preferences! May have minor imperfections or scuffs
Beads: Bubblegum acrylic, pearl style, crackle, resin, and/or ceramic. Beads: Bubblegum acrylic, printed acrylic, pearl style.