Be My Valentine Bead Collar
Be My Valentine Bead Collar

Be My Valentine Bead Collar

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↠ Be My Valentine Bead Collar  Smooth, light, & handpainted red & pink metallic beads, pink resin rhinestone and striped beads.


Virtually unbreakable collars. Hypnotic Dog collars are crimped securely twice; all beads fed through aircraft grade steel wire (with a tensile strength of ~320lbs). These durable collars should last you + your pup a lifetime. Choose from 3 options: slip-on, martingale chain, & buckle style collars. 


Click here to view the sizing guide. Please confirm sizing prior to ordering! Head measurement is needed for slip-on collar and martingale style collars, so that it can properly slide over their head. Neck measurement is needed for only the buckle style option.